CrystalClarkXo - Posing For My Mom

CrystalClarkXo - Posing For My Mom
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<p>“My mom Crystal needed a hobby so my dad signed her up for art classes. She’s really been enjoying them but recently received some constructive criticism from her teacher saying that she needed to get better at drawing life like human bodies. She knows I did some modeling for my university photography class last semester so she asked me to be her artistic muse, and let her draw me….naked. I was a little taken back when Crystal asked me to pose naked for her, she’s my mom after all but she told me I would be using a pillow to cover my dick so it wouldn’t be awkward.</p>

<p>I got to the art studio and Crystal told me we were the only ones using it that day but only for a few hours, and to disrobe when I was ready. I undressed and covered my junk with the pillow she had for me. I just got into position when Crystal untied her robe, and dropped it to the floor. She was standing in front of me next to her easel completely NAKED TOO!! I was so confused and asked Crystal why she was naked? And she calmly explained it was a technique she learned in art class. Her teacher had told the class being naked with your subject can make the subject more comfortable. Crystal asked me confidently if her being naked made me more comfortable, and I definitely agreed it did!! I couldn’t believe how hot she was naked!! I could feel all the horniness racing to my cock, as it was getting harder and harder staring at my moms hot naked body. Crystal started sketching, and gradually got frustrated as I couldn’t keep the pillow in the correct place. I tried and tried, but my hard cock kept lifting it out of positioning. Crystal stormed over to fix it, but when she grabbed it my hard cock popped out. She was stunned, wide eyed, and stressed how important it is to keep the pillow in the right place for her sketch. I apologized but didn’t know what to do, she looked so hot naked my boner wasn’t going to go away on its own.</p>

<p>Crystal pondered and said she only had use of the art studio for a couple more hours so she really needs to start this sketch, and suggested she help me get rid of my boner. I couldn’t refuse! My mom Crystal got on her knees, and started stroking my cock. She even used her mouth!! She said I couldn’t tell my dad, and asked how long it would take. I told her I wasn’t sure, and she wanted to speed things up so she paused for a moment before asking me if it would go faster if we just fucked? OF COURSE I SAID YES! I bent my mom Crystal over the couch, and slid my cock in her tight wet pussy. I can’t believe I was fucking my mom! I had fantasies about this before but never did I ever think it would really happen.</p>

I could tell Crystal was enjoying my cock as she moaned and gripped it tight with her pussy. I pounded her hard, and she was begging for more. So I flipped her on her back, so I could watch her big titties bounce with every thrust of my dick. Crystal was moaning and begging for more but I couldn’t hold it anymore and I blasted my cum deep inside her. She panicked a bit because she isn’t using any birthcontrol since she and my dad are trying to get pregnant. But, Crystal loved the sex so much she shrugged it off and wanted to get back to her sketch. I pulled my cock out and my thick massive cum load slowly dripped out of her pussy. I loved seeing my cum drip out of her like that. If this is how every sketch is going to go, I am more than happy to be my moms muse.”
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