Tatum Christine - Mom is Desperate and Divorced

Tatum Christine - Mom is Desperate and Divorced
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I’d consider this a slow burn… It starts in our old kitchen packing up, I know it didn’t work out with your dad and I but you and I will be just fine!! We’re going to make it! It’ll be a new chapter, new memories, new… opportunities! After a long day of moving, were enjoying each others company by the fireplace… maybe I am enjoying you a bit more than you me… or… you’re also enjoying me being a mess! I ask if you think I’m hot for a mom.. for someone my age… I then do something to make you feel a little uncomfortable… I brush it off as it’s been a long day, I finished all the sangria to myself, and need to shower and rest. Quick shower scene by myself. I come into your room the next day to apologize for my inappropriate behavior only to then suggest a sort of… deal… confession leads to sex and this will be our new norm. You take care of me, I take care of you… the way a mom should take care of her son!
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