Marissa Sweet - A Summer Day With My Uncle

Marissa Sweet - A Summer Day With My Uncle
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<p>A Marissa Sweet roleplay. In this video your name is “Jake”. Your Niece has been staying with you over the summer and today you’re taking her to the beach today. Before you two start getting ready you make sure she finishes all her chores: Folding laundry, scrubbing the floor and dusting your entertainment center. She asks you to hang out with her while she does her house work and you oblige, it doesn’t hurt that you get to look up her skirt and down her top the whole time. She seems to never acknowledge that her pussy and ass are on full display in front of you, even as you two eat breakfast. Finally it’s time to start getting ready, your niece packs a beach bag with all the necessities. She blows up a big tube that you got for her and then asks your help to pick out a swim suit. She tries on a few bikinis, one getting your disapproval because of how tiny it was but ultimately deciding on the last one she tried on. Last but not least, sunscreen! She applies sunscreen to her body and asks for your help in those hard to reach places. Who are you to say no? Especially when she’s asking you to rub her bare tits and ass. She finishes by asking your help apply sunscreen to her inner thighs, at this point it is completely obvious that she’s enjoying you rubbing her a little too much. Thank you for being the best Uncle ever! ^_^</p>

*I just want to note, this video was a little more experiential in terms of scenes compared to some of my other Uncle/Niece videos. There is a scene where we’re eating breakfast together and I feel like it picked up the sounds of me chewing more than I expected. If you’re sensitive to the sounds of chewing, maybe skip this one or just skip that particular scene lol. :p
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